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Savin Corporate travel is a solution for businesses to manage and control costs in their corporate travel programmes.
From small to large, many corporations are using Savin Corporate travel to manage their travel programmes and save time and money.
The Savin Corporate Travel’s online booking tool is built with the EASY TO USE technology, and is a simple and familiar experience to anyone who has booked a vacation online before.
With Savin Corporate Travel Management, you can search, book, manage and pay for your business hotel accommodation in one place - saving you up to 37% on your annual travel spend.

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Established in 2018, Savin Corporate travel can manage a company’s strategic approach to travel, the negotiations with vendors, day-to-day operation of the corporate travel program, traveller safety and security, and much more.

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*If business travel is important to your workforce, you'll understand how time-consuming it can be.

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Tackle savings:

Savin Corporate Travel will enable you to dig into purchase trends to help you identify new savings opportunities.

Balance cost and agreement

Achieve savings without the mandates. Savin Corporate Travel provides ease, relaxation, and safety without sacrificing choice.

Hands-on management of risk

Savin Corporate Management's traveller risk management tools offer real-time alerts to travellers and visibility to the travel manager when the unexpected occurs.

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